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This Adorable Tiny Kitten Found On The Side Of The Road Surprisingly Has A Uniquely-Colored Coat

Cats and kittens come in all shapes, sizes and colours. People sometimes have different perceptions of cats based on what their fur colour is.

Did you know that black cats are less likely to be adopted because people think that they are bad luck? Which, superstition aside, makes zero sense because why would you not want a little kitten void with eyes running around your house?

Some people may also think that that long haired fluffy cats are pretentious or little princesses. Or that tabby cats are boring.

None of that matters though; regardless of what they look like, cats deserve love. Check out this unique looking cat who was abandoned as a kitten but is now receiving the care she deserves!

Meet Janie!

Janie was found on the side of the road.

She was taken to the Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue.

Where she was lovingly taken in to build up her strength.

When they got her she weighed only 82 grams.

Have you ever seen a cat this small??

She was kept in an incubator for two weeks…

… and bottle fed.

She started to gain some strength!

Here she is relaxing with a tummy full of milk!

These pictures show only a 6 day difference!

For reference, Janie is still the same size as a syringe!

She was finally big enough to be allowed to join this mommy cat and her babies!

Janie just keeps getting bigger!

And cuter by the day!

Now, what is up with her fur?

She has what is described as a “fever coat.”

It occurs when the mother cat is ill while pregnant.

Janie might grow out of the fur pattern when she is older.

Look at this transformation!!

Janie is now loved by her new siblings!

They are quite the photogenic group!

What a beautiful story and such a unique cat?!
Share your thoughts, and any pictures you have of cats with rare fur patterns, in the comments!