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All Of The  Shelter Dogs Give This Puppy The Warmest Welcome He Ever Had 

Because his former family had decided that he was no longer wanted with them, reportedly for devouring an animal from their farm, a little and beautiful dog named Osito found himself entirely alone; nevertheless, Little Bear wouldn’t be lonely for long. Felicia Quispe Arana, who manages the Colitas Sin Techo rescue facility, agreed to take in the beautiful canine as soon as she learned of his need.

The lady, who looks after homeless dogs in Cusco, Peru, was first concerned since she didn’t know how her other tenants, who were already adult canines, would react to the new arrival.


Fortunately, Teddy Bear, who had been anxious upon arrival at the new location, was met with nothing but love and tenderness by the rescued dogs from the shelter, and his attitude improved dramatically.

The adorable little dog immediately found new pals, and it wasn’t long before he received what he really wanted: a place to call home.


According to Felicia, who spoke to The Dodo,

“Seeing so many huge dogs scared Little Bear at first. He felt at ease after meeting the other dogs and moved with great assurance.

Teddy’s journey may have had a rocky start, but things have now turned around, and the beautiful cub has found a new family. The little boy was adopted by a lovely family after only a short time of caring for the shelter.

Felicia explains:

“We were able to locate someone who eventually adopted him. Now that she has a family, I wish her well and wish her a long and happy life.


The woman who manages the rescue facility is hoping that, with a little luck, the puppy’s companions will soon find their perfect home and a beautiful new beginning.