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This Kitten Carries Her Toy Named Lamby Beans Everywhere After Being Brought Into Foster Care Alone

Sometimes even the smallest, most vulnerable critters don’t get so lucky in life. Even some that are as adorable and affectionate as kittens are born with all sorts of problems, diseases, and sicknesses. That’s exactly what happened to this adorable girl named Matilda Beans.

Matilda was born with an upper respiratory infection, which hit her hard because of her age. While her brothers and sisters grew, Matilda was getting worse and worse. Thankfully, an amazing human named Ashley Kelley decided to foster her and nurse Matilda back to health.

It took lots of work and dedication and eventually the kitten was back to full health and can live a happy life. While all of this was happening, Matilda found a new friend that kept her company—a stuffed toy named Lamby Beans. As Ashley said: “A love story, starring Matilda Beans and her baby Lamby Beans.”