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A Woman Is The Best Buddy Of A Massive Bull That She Saved When He Was A Young Calf And Now They Are Happy With Each Other 

After saving him as a tiny calf, a woman became best friends with him, and they now share and enjoy his life like any couple of best friends would.

Heidi Ross, a young woman, felt she had to save the small calf when she saw him face down in a pile of excrement, unable to breathe. Heidi’s heart was moved by the defenseless calf, so she did everything she could to save him.

The young woman was working on a farm at the time, and she had to plead the boss to let her buy the calf instead of sending it to the slaughterhouse.


Because the calf, now named Thor, was born nearly a month early, he couldn’t stand or walk on his own, complicating his life. Heidi, who lives in the Scottish Highlands, didn’t care about Thor’s health since the most important thing to her was being able to save him.


He has been caring for Thor since that day, and despite the fact that he has grown into a giant bull weighing about 750 kilos, he is still his darling pet.

Despite significant physical and behavioral differences, Thor and Heidi have formed a virtually unbreakable and remarkable friendship relationship. Thor lies down and rolls over like a dog every time Heidi caresses him to have his tummy tickled.


Heidi stated to METRO:

“Taking care of him has been a significant choice for me; I’ve never spent time with giant animals; the biggest thing I’ve ever owned was a guinea pig, so meeting Thor has been a fantastic experience.”

The young woman confirms that she has had to work hard on her confidence; although he would never purposefully injure her, he may inadvertently damage her. Thor is not violent, but due to his size, he is unaware that certain motions, even while offering affection, might cause harm to his companion.


Heidi continued, saying:

“It can hurt a lot when I suffer an inadvertent whack to the head.”

But the reality is that Thor has become her unwavering support and is capable of cheering her up when she is having a terrible day. Thor, like every pet, enjoys human contact, so much so that Heidi may lie on him and he appears to appreciate him a lot.


Heidi remarked:

“I believe that any animal given the opportunity would demonstrate that all species are sensitive, have feelings and emotions, just like domestic animals.”

The woman claims that if she had been asked or told three years ago that she would be caring for a massive bull, she would not have believed it.

But the truth is that she no longer minds being covered in filth, having straw in her hair, or spending Sundays cleaning the barn.

Heidi stated:

“Here we are, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”


Thor is a mature and thriving bull that is enjoying his fantastic life three years after Heidi saved the calf.