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Pygmy Possum Reappears After Its Species Was Believed To Be Extinct

Before 1966, when skiers discovered one scurrying across a woodpile from their shelter on Mount Hotham in Victoria, Australia, the mountain pygmy possum was only known from fossils due to its extreme rarity.

Despite the fact that it was thought that the recent wildfires in Australian territory would have virtually wiped out this little species, there is good news for our amazing animal kingdom today.

One of the best gifts from Mother Nature came to us during this difficult year.

It tells the story of the finding of a little pygmy possum that had been lost to the world ever since that awful day when fire and flames ravaged Australia.

The news is encouraging for our ecology since it brings light after the disaster-induced gloom.

The adorable animals were discovered by the volunteer environmental protection organization Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife.

The significant efforts that were undertaken for the habitat restoration after the forest fires had a favorable outcome.

There have only been 113 official recordings of pygmy possums, according to Pat Hodgens, a renowned wildlife researcher in the area.

These little animals weigh barely seven grams on average. They are rare, and now much less so since the forest disaster that over a year ago utterly destroyed both their habitat and the habitats of other species.

It’s undoubtedly a rare species, and the summer bushfires undoubtedly destroyed most of the habitat that the species had in general.

But in actuality, we were trying to locate them,” Hodgens told the media.

In order to safeguard them and make sure they survive throughout this extremely important period, Hodgens continued, “We are undertaking comprehensive investigations to find out what species are still present.

Since we would be in the presence of the final refuge for many of these species that depend on very ancient vegetation that fight to emerge from the ashes, it is extremely necessary to carry out a rigorous control and follow-up.

More than 20 distinct kinds of fauna, including a Tammar wallaby and a South Australian brown bandicoot, have been found in addition to these fascinating small pygmy creatures.

Australia had hellish heat conditions in 2019. 34 people were killed and millions of animals were affected by fires that charred 186,000 square kilometers of land around the nation.