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When a Seagull Finds a oy Fish at a Gift Shop, He is Ready to Get it

A tiny gull saw a stunning fish within a basket at the Northern Exposure Candle Company gift shop’s entrance. Everything appeared too good to be true, but when the seagull eventually chose to eat the plastic fish, he discovered that it wasn’t an easy meal.

Despite the fact that the tasty fish was actually a stuffed toy, the hungry seagull was determined to steal it and eat it that day. In Port Clinton, Ohio, in the United States, the inquisitive seagull was the last of his flock to learn to fly.

Northern Exposure Candle Company manager Kylie Gospodarek told The Dodo:

“He was merely a premature baby; nothing was wrong with him. Our city’s roofs are famous for herding birds… When newborns initially learn to fly, they don’t go all the way, so they end up wandering the streets.

A toy fish gets taken by a seagull from a gift shop.


The seagull was thrown out of the store the first time it entered and took the fish, according to the store manager. The tiny bird, however, refused to give up on capturing the plastic fish and crept back in.

His heist went off without a hitch on his fourth try.


According to the store manager, the seagull was kicked out the first time it entered and grabbed the fish. The little bird, on the other hand, was adamant on catching the plastic fish and sneaked back in.

On his fourth attempt, his theft went off without a hitch.


When the shop manager and customers raced out into the street to catch the seagull with the fish in its beak, she opted to drop the toy when approached.

Kylie explains:

“A lot of people wanted it from me, but I don’t believe they knew I was attempting to eat it.”

The seagull continued to prowl the business in the days following his incredible theft, perhaps hoping to get another chance to steal the toy fish. Kylie is certain that the seagull has finally learnt to fly like other seagulls since its last visit.


The store manager goes on to say:

“He takes a few steps through the door… He’s like a dog, too. When he sees me approaching, he turns around and says, ‘OK, I’m not going in.’