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Albino Puppy Wears Special Sunglasses For Protection To Survive

A dog is considered albino when its body does not produce an adequate amount of melanin, a pigment responsible for the coloring of the tissues and protection against solar rays.

This means that albino animals have a rare genetic (and congenital) condition in which the hair, eyes, and skin pigmentation is completely absent. In this case, it means that a usually black schnauzer sports completely white fur and strikingly blue eyes.

Sherlock was abandoned as a newborn by his former owners. Netta McKay, who does a wonderful job of sheltering abandoned dogs to take them to new homes, was responsible for hosting this adorable albino dog.

Without any intention of keeping the adorable dog, the unexpected happened. Sherlock, with his special and affectionate manner, conquered the whole family.

Succeeding on the streets and social media, the cute dog now has a new home with responsible owners and takes care of it.