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In Exchange For Food, Dolphins Deliver Presents From The Seabed To People

Dolphins are considered one of the most intellectual animals in the animal kingdom; they are capable of building complex relationships and can communicate through both spoken and nonverbal signals.

The behavior of a humpback dolphin dubbed Mystique demonstrates the animal’s intellect on a whole new level.

The clever and astute dolphin takes treasures from the ocean floor to the surface.

Mystique is a 29-year-old man who seems to understand that no one can resist a nice gift, therefore he employs them to achieve his objectives. He frequently brings a variety of presents from the ocean floor to volunteers from the Barnacles Dolphin Center in Tin Can Bay, Queensland, Australia.

Corals, shells, and old bottles, among other things, are the treasures that the charming Mystique delivers in return for food. The dolphin has earned a reputation as a great treasure hunter, but the fact is that he is just looking forward to his reward: tasty fish.

Because of Covid-19’s confinement, the Barnacles Dolphin Center closed its doors, the animal misses the attention it used to get from visitors.

The workers at Barnacles Cafe & Dolphin Feeding informed Bored Panda the following:

“Mystique is OK, as long as she keeps everything online, but it’s apparent that she doesn’t have the public’s attention. In recent weeks, the program has been fantastic.

Mystique is a clever dolphin that is always seeking for new methods to draw attention to herself.

Volunteers at the center stated the following:

“When you make a contribution, you will be showered with praise and attention, followed by a fish to thank you. He has a sweet and intellectual nature, yet he is also a little naughty.

The cute creature is one of seven dolphins in a group, but it is the only one who is known for bringing bearing presents from the sea.

This unique habit is appreciated by everybody, and the volunteers hope that the beautiful dolphin will continue to send gifts even after the aquatic center’s doors open. They are certain that Mystique’s conduct will not alter, and they feel that by seeing more individuals, she will be able to gather more information.

Volunteers at the center have this to say:

«He sends us a variety of items such as wooden boards, corals, old glass bottles, sea sponges, and pebbles of all shapes and sizes; he had always brought us gifts, but only since closure has he brought us many gifts each morning.”

Mystique is adorable and clever, and her acts and wonderful gifts have everyone amazed.