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A Rescued Kitten Becomes Friends With Another Kitten And Insists on Being Friends With Her

In her foster home, a lovely newborn cat that was left alone on the streets made a buddy, and the two kitties have become inseparable.

A newborn kitten was found alone on the chilly streets of Montreal, Canada. She had been abandoned and had no mother, so she was transported to an animal shelter to be cared for.

His health was stabilized by the shelter personnel, but he required particular attention. As a result, they sought assistance from the Chatons Orphelins Montréal rescue group.

A kitten that was found alone meets a best buddy.

Celine Crom, a volunteer with a rescue organization, told Love Meow:

“We continued to keep her warm when she came with us. It was simply skin and bones with his eyes closed.”

The situation of the small orphan cat shocked the rescue organization, so they resolved to aid her right away.

Milena, a rescue center foster volunteer, brought the kitten home with her and started bottle-feeding her 24 hours a day.

The lovely kitty clutched to the bottle like a champion and looked happy to have been nurtured by her guardian.

Celine expressed herself:

“From the start, his survival instincts were strong. She screamed for her bottle every hour and ate to fill her stomach. She was gaining weight at an alarming rate.”

Lou was the kitten’s name, and she was doing great in her foster home, but she wanted a playmate and someone to snuggle with.

Lou would try to climb over other resident cats in his foster home to get some attention.

A litter of kittens was also saved during that month. They were in terrible health, but the rescue team accepted them to save them.

Celine said:

“At first, we were worried they wouldn’t be able to make it. The antibiotics took a long time to kick in, but once they did, everyone was able to eat alone again.”

Griotte, a kitten from the rescued group, had a seriously infected eye, but the tiny girl was able to get through with a lot of patience, care, and love. His eye eventually recovered and she was able to restore her eyesight, and it has since blossomed spectacularly fashion.

They opted to introduce Lou to this litter of kittens because they knew it would be beneficial for him to see other kittens, and he immediately connected with Griotte.

Celine expressed herself:

“They followed each other around for the next 24 hours after meeting. They’ve been an inseparable couple since then, sleeping, mending, jogging, and doing everything together.”

Sweet Lou was overjoyed to receive a baby sister and insisted on remaining by her side, not wanting to be separated from Griotte. The greatest part is that this emotion was reciprocated, as Griotte did not want to be separated from his new best buddy, and the two felines were inseparable in no time.

Lou and Griotte are both adorable. They have opposing personalities, yet they complement one other perfectly.

Lou represents happiness and good times. She is inquisitive and likes her adventures around the house.

She is always looking for new adventures and enjoys creating trouble all around the foster home in order to gain everyone’s attention.

Celine expressed herself:

“When she wants to be hugged, she jumps into the arms of her foster mother. She returns to her dearest feline buddy after receiving some cuddles from her human.”

Griotte has assumed the position of big sister, and she makes sure Lou is well-groomed by giving her daily lick showers.

The adorable cat keeps an eye on her sister to make sure she is safe, and whenever she hears her meow, she goes to check what is going on.

“Griotte’s illness has left her with a little hazy patch on her eye, but she can see clearly now and it doesn’t bother her.”

The two kittens have a very strong and particular sisterly relationship; it is so strong that they search for each other while they are apart.

“They’re a fantastic pair who can’t be split apart. They’re now on the lookout for a lifelong home together.”

These two kittens have become lifelong sisters, and thanks to the rescue group’s decision not to separate them, they were adopted together and will be extremely happy with their new family for the rest of their lives.