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Snow Leopards Are Simply Munching On Their Fluffy Cat Tails Carelessly

The fact that a cat is an indisputable fact. This cat “rule” does not apply to a snow leopard.

Snow leopards have two fascinating facts to share. The first is that they lack the ability to roar like other large cats.

The second is that, unlike other big cats, they have wonderful fluffy tails. The tails of snow leopards can grow to be 41 inches (105 cm) long, almost as long as their entire body.

Nature does not create anything without a cause, so the tails play an important role in assisting these cats in maintaining their equilibrium.

Even if we cat aficionados are enamored with them, they aren’t there only to be lovely.

Snow Leopards, it appears, enjoy munching on their fluffy kitty cattails as well.

There’s a perfectly valid reason for that in the wild: they wrap their tails around their heads and noses to keep them warm. But they do the same thing in captivity, where they don’t have to deal with the cold. Is it a genetic trait, or are they simply unable to resist the fluff?

1. Tasty.


3. A baby leopard chewing on his mom’s tail.



6. Snow time…