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Friendly Duck Appears Out Of Nowhere To Comfort A Depressed Dog Who Lost His Best Friend

This is the heartwarming tale of George, a dog from Tennessee, USA, who was severely depressed following the loss of his 12-year-old Labrador best buddy Blackie, until an unexpected friend—a duck—appeared in his life. His best source of solace right now during these difficult times is a friendship.

George’s mother, Jacquie Litton, expressed skepticism about George’s ability to recover from the despair brought on by Blackie’s departure. But when his strange new life partner showed up, everything changed.

Two years after Blackie departed, Donald appeared unannounced on Jacquie’s front porch. Ever then, Donald has been the one who has brought George a great deal of comfort, hope, and a new cause to be happy and desire to continue living.

Facebook/Jacquie Litton

Posted by Jacquie on Facebook:

“We have no idea where this duck originated, but he undoubtedly adores George since George hasn’t wept a single tear since he arrived. It’s strange that a duck appears at our house while tied to a dog, and it’s more stranger that it happens during the week of Blackie’s death anniversary.”

Facebook/Jacquie Litton

The woman asserts that her dog, before Donald entered George and Jacquie’s life,

“He was close to passing away twice. He skipped meals. He bit himself, which caused him to be famished, anxious, and to have a number of illnesses.

Facebook/Jacquie Litton

George and Donald, though, are now inseparable and even sleep in the same bed.

Facebook/Jacquie Litton