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Couple Thinks They Adopted A Mini-Pig, Keeps Her As A Pet Even After It Grows To Be 650 Lbs

Move over ‘Babe’ there is a new piggy capturing hearts across the world – Esther the Wonder Pig. When Canada residents Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter adopted Esther the pig, they thought they had purchased one of those mini pigs, but ended up with more than they bargained for. Two years and 650 lbs later, their “tiny piglet” turned out to be a full-size commercial pig. Despite the massive surprise the love and friendship that they experienced from Esther the pet pig changed their lives for the better.

Esther not only changed their lives but their lifestyle choices. When they realized how intelligent and friendly this adorable animal was (pigs are as smart as dogs, and considered by many to be even cleaner animals), they couldn’t stomach the idea that they were eating other farm animals that were just as smart and friendly as their pet, and became vegans. The couple motivated to help more animals, and in need of more space opened up their own animal sanctuary on a farm. Jenkins and Walters aren’t the only ones infatuated with their big baby, Esther has 516k followers on Instagram and was named animal influencer of the year last years 13th annual Libby Awards – which recognizes brands, celebrities, and companies that are committed to animals.

After conquering social media this adorable pet now has her sights set on Hollywood, however, in the past year, there have been some struggles.