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Dad Builds An Adorable Little Closet For Dog Who Loves Clothes So Much

World, meet Pluto — a dapper little dog who’s as sweet as he is stylish.

But fashion, to him, is about more than just looking good.

Not long after being taken in as a rescue by Twitter user Lily (@heyitslilyyy) and her family, Pluto began showing signs that something wasn’t right. His new owners noticed that he seemed to always be shivering, but they weren’t sure why.

“The doctor said it was just ‘anxiety,’” Lily told The Dodo. “I realized that, since he’s so tiny, he’s probably really cold.”

To test the theory, Lily purchased a little jacket for him to wear — and sure enough, the shaking stopped.

It was then that Pluto’s love affair with clothes began.

Since then, Lily has purchased more than a dozen jackets and shirts to keep Pluto both cozy and chic. But as his wardrobe kept expanding, a new sort of problem arose: where to keep all the dog’s clothes?

Fortunately, Lily’s dad found the perfect solution.

“He built my dog a whole closet in under two days!” Lily said. “That was amazing to me.”

Lily wasn’t the only one impressed by the adorable construction. Pluto loved it, too, and quickly set about picking out what he wanted to wear that day:

“He was excited!”


Pluto was a happy pup.

“My dad is great at building stuff,” Lily said, adding that his building of the tiny closet was a labor of love: “He calls Pluto his grandson.”

Clearly, Pluto has it good.

Chances are, Pluto’s wardrobe will keep on expanding — perhaps even beyond what his new closet can hold. But that’s a problem for another day.

With a loving family like his, however, there’s no doubt Pluto will always be wearing a smile.