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Stubborn Dog Throws The Cutest Tantrum To Try And Stay In The Bathtub

Many dogs will go to great lengths to avoid bath time – but this guy would actually do ANYTHING to stay in there all day.

Zeus the husky knew it was time for his walk, but he was much more in the mood for a bath, as usual. When his mom wouldn’t turn on the water, Zeus decided to take drastic measures … in the form of the most adorable temper tantrum ever.

Zeus simply will not take no for an answer. He howls, hollers and stand his ground, even though it’s clearly not bath time. Every time his mom says “Get out of the bathtub,” Zeus responds with a stubborn howl.

Eventually, Zeus reluctantly leaves the tub, but he definitely made a statement. One thing is for sure- with such a love for bath time, Zeus must be the cleanest dog EVER.