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Lost Dog Returns Home With Two New Friends He Made Along The Way

Bo is a loving black labrador who enjoys his family. Apart from that, he is an adventurous dog that enjoys making new acquaintances. Although his family embraces him for who he is, he surprised them by going on a stroll alone.

Bo supposedly sneaked out of his house one night to go exploring in the fields outside his family’s Kansas farm. But he neglected to write them a message before he went.

When his family learned that Bo was missing, they were extremely concerned and began searching for him immediately.

kyle krier

Bo’s mother, Laura Krier, told The Dodo:

“We hadn’t stopped looking for him.”

Laura found out the next day that a dog matching Bo’s description had been spotted playing in a field 6 miles away from her home. Kyle, Laura’s husband, drove to the spot to pick him up, and it’s a good thing his car had plenty of room because Bo wasn’t alone.

kyle krier

After breaking away from home the night before, Bo apparently went over to Chris and Shawna’s house with a plan in mind: to invite his two companions for a stroll without humans.

kyle krier

Shawna explained:

“It’s difficult to determine if the affair was started by Bo the black labrador or Libby and Ozzy. Nonetheless, they managed to get away. They’re definitely buds.”

Everyone arrived safely in the end.

kyle krier

Bo, Libby, and Ozzy may have been seeking for a new adventure, but their family has also had a new experience.

kyle krier

Laura stated,

“It was one of those things you tell your friends and family and they don’t believe you.” It’s amusing. Bo is insane; he is a ball of energy who is always up for a challenge. He’s a kind and friendly dog ».

kyle krier