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Husky Gets Second Chance At Life

This is Yoshi. Yoshi has had a very hard life. She was basically used as a puppy making factory her entire life. She was kept by a person who had a bunch of huskies and all she did was breed them over and over and over and sell their puppies. Yoshi never knew what a real family was.

Luckily for Yoshi, the woman who was using and abusing her got caught. She decided to just let all her dogs loose. So Yoshi ran the streets for a few days before being saved. It turns out, she was pregnant at the time as well. Hairy Houdini Siberian Husky Rescue stepped in to help.

Yoshi went into a foster home and was able to have her puppies. Now that all the puppies have gone to new homes, Yoshi was left wondering if she would ever find a new home. We are happy to tell you that day has arrived! Yoshi has been adopted and is heading to her new home this week!