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Rescued Pit Bull Tries To Work Up The Courage To Enter Her First Real Home

Valentine, a cute little puppy, was anxious when she first entered her new home a little over a year ago, and she mustered all her bravery to enter her first warm house.

Valentine had spent the most of her life, as nice as it was, giving birth to pups in an unpleasant hoarding scenario. As a result, she had no idea what comfort or safety meant, and she had trouble trusting people again.

Ashley Moses and her husband decided to give Valentine a second chance, despite the fact that they had no idea how to handle the issue.

Instagram/ valentinethepitmatian

Since they first saw her, the small dog has been quite timid, making it impossible to acquire her trust; it even appeared that her noble spirit had vanished.

According to Ashley, who spoke to The Dodo,

“During our interaction with her, we didn’t get a sense of her personality. Her soul was broken, and she wore a mournful expression.”

Instagram/ valentinethepitmatian

Ashley and her partner weren’t sure they could manage their position, but they knew they had to give it a shot.

Ashley continued, ”

“I knew she was our puppy the instant I saw her image.” It was love at first sight », she says, sounding clichéd.

The couple’s misgivings persisted after they adopted her: how would they handle such a dog? What are we going to do to earn their trust? And there are plenty more.

Instagram/ valentinethepitmatian

But it was the arrival of Valentine to Ashley’s new house that hurt Ashley’s heart the most. The couple believed she would be content to be secure, but it appears the puppy was not yet ready to trust humans.

Ashley had this to say:

“It was required to persuade her to join us.” She was terrified and perplexed, and she refused to leave our house’s hall ».

Furthermore, he remained depressed, and despite the fact that they offered him a plethora of delectable foods to earn his trust, he refused to connect with his new family. Everyone in the house was anxious about her reaction, but then something remarkable happened the next morning, and Valentine’s attitude turned for the better.

Her mother had anticipated that the dog would remain aloof, but in exchange, she received hundreds of thank-you licks and a cheerful expression.

Instagram/ valentinethepitmatian

Valentine appeared to change her personality overnight, as if she realized she was finally in a secure place.

Ashley continued, ”

“She was a completely different dog, leaping, playing, licking me, and overall being overjoyed… We weren’t expecting her to open up that fast, so it was a surreal experience!”

Valentine’s parents helped her overcome all of the worries that her prior existence had instilled in her over the next several weeks, and she was entirely transformed.

Instagram/ valentinethepitmatian

Valentine can now run down the stairs, run in the rain, and play cheerfully, and Ashley and her boyfriend are overjoyed to see her do so. Valentine is now the happiest girl in the world, and she shows it every day because the couple took a chance on her and trusted her intuition.

As Ashley put it,

“He enjoys playing with his toys, eating all kinds of foods, and most of all, spending time with his family.”

Instagram/ valentinethepitmatian