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Famous Russian Photographer Left Her Profession To Live In A Forest With More Than 100 Rescued Animals

Daria Pushkareva, a prominent photographer from Moscow, Russia, reached a moment in her life where her profession became a responsibility rather than a joy, and it is in this context that the adage “to find oneself, you must go lost” takes on new significance. enormous significance for her in deciding to alter the trajectory of her life

According to Bored Panda, the majority of the time and money it earns is now focused on assisting animals in need.

Darya stated:

“I was one of the top five wedding photographers in Moscow.” My customers primarily consisted of wealthy businesspeople and politicians. Smart and intelligent individuals who improved my perspective of wealthy Russians.”

IG: danka_pu

Before becoming a photographer, the lady worked in the film industry for six years, creating films and television programs, and she is quite pleased of the part she played. Her entire existence as a producer, however, proved to be quite taxing, since she worked 15-hour hours and often only had one day off every two weeks.

“I became a photographer because I wanted to de-stress my life.” I spent my money on photographic equipment and classes in order to improve my abilities. But I came out the same. Without holidays, without providing me the much-needed relaxation. I was trapped at work and my only source of entertainment was taking beautiful photographs. I realized I was addicted to my job.

IG: danka_pu

Daria recalls expressing to her classmates about their potential jobs when she was a child that she wanted to own a dog sanctuary.

Daria grew raised without a father; her mother worked long hours and they couldn’t afford a dog at the time.

IG: danka_pu

“It took me a long time to get my first puppy.” I became extremely interested in animal welfare while working in the movies; I gave money and participated on an internet forum, handling things like arranging dog therapy and boarding, as well as fundraising. I didn’t have any spare time at the moment, so this was the best I could do.”

IG: danka_pu

Daria watched a news item one day about a dog from a shelter that was missing one eye. The tiny child required 10,000 rubles ($150) to see an ophthalmologist. She gave the money for the dog’s treatment and discovered that he also needed to be taken to the vet, something no one was doing at the time.

She stated:

“I was with my hubby.” We exchanged glances and agreed that we could handle it ourselves. Everything appeared simple at the time. The proprietor of the shelter placed a flea-infested bundle of fur on my lap. Was that a dog?

IG: danka_pu