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Marine Found Homeless Dog In Afghanistan And Have Been Inseparable Ever Since

A Marine named Craig Grossi landed in Afghanistan by helicopter when it was still dark. The Taliban assaulted Grossi’s battalion the following morning, and for many days he struggled to survive.

Grossi stated to The Dodo:

It was a different kind of conflict from what we had previously witnessed. I was quite concerned about my defense because it was so intense for a few days.

When the fighting subsided, Grossi made the decision to look around and discovered a dog “with a huge head and slightly awkward legs” in the area. Because homeless dogs typically run in packs and are aggressive, the fact that this dog was by himself struck him as odd. However, this dog had something very special that caught his attention.

He was too independent; he slept and ate in a bush and collected food leftovers. Sadly, the troops are forbidden from approaching the dogs. He had never had an issue with the rules prior to that, according to Grossi.

He was nobody’s dog, Grossi said after watching the dog for a while.

Grossi had to approach the dog carefully since he was filthy and coated in insects, but even so, the dog was happy and wagged his tail, utterly surprising the marine.

The dog was quite kind in accepting the bit of dry meat that Grossi presented him. The man was astounded to observe the magnificent soul of a homeless dog who had no one in the world to call his own.

When the marine infantry turned around to leave the area where the dog was, he saw that it was following him. Grossi’s friend saw the lovely scene and shouted, “It seems you made a friend!”