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This Man Was Saved From Dying In A Fire By His Cat, Scratching Him Until He Woke Up

More and more, companion animals prove to us how devoted they are to their human families. Many heroic dog stories have been told, and some people think that since cats are considered independent, occasionally aloof, and grumpy creatures, they cannot be the heroes of stories with comparable themes. However, a cat in Rosario, Argentina, saved a man from perishng in a fire.

Loli demonstrated that cats can also save their loved ones in the midst of a fire. She scratched her human father, who was sound asleep and unaware of what was going on in her house since he was under the influence of sleeping drugs, to get him to wake up.

When Eduardo Tambasia eventually opened his eyes, he was surrounded by thick, black smoke. He quickly snatched Loli into her arms, smashed a window, and made good his escape.

To the local media, Eduardo stated:

«Loli saved me; she is the reason I am still alive. She only left me with the clothing I was wearing.

The short circuit that started the fire led to the firefighters’ estimation that if it had taken a few more minutes, he would have suffocated to death. Eduardo perished in the fire, but he was able to save the item that meant the most to him—his cat Loli.

Edward clarified:

He lifted me up and scratched me. I observed smoke and fire. I had no choice except to smash the glass that looked out onto the street and call for assistance from the neighbors, who eventually helped me to my feet. Because she would never have awakened me up, the cat saved my life.