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Captain America’s Best Friend! Chris Evans Is Reunited With His Rescued Beloved Dog After Months Apart

Chris Evans, an actor who is most known for playing Captain America in the Marvel film series, released a video on Twitter in which we can witness the touching reaction of his rescued dog upon reuniting with him after many weeks of absence. The actor had spent almost ten weeks away from his cherished dog, Dodger, while in Africa filming the scenes for his new movie, The Red Sea Diving Resort.

Chris made the adoption of Dodger from a kennel while filming Gifted last year public in April.

“In a kennel was one of the final sequences we shot. He was strolling around the hallways as I entered, and I thought, naively, “And they definitely were, so I noticed this person who didn’t belong there.””

Chris Evans/Twitter

He stated:

“They estimated his age to be around one. He behaves and is as animated as a dog. He is a nice boy and a darling. He is full of affection and adores the kids and the other pets. He is willing to play with you no matter what, which makes it the most taxing workout.

Chris Evans/Twitter

Chris also said:

“Dogs are wonderful creatures, and although I lack the words to adequately explain them, I adore them. Every night, he sleeps on my pillow, and we wake up facing each other.”

Chris Evans/Twitter

Chris started tweeting pictures of him and his dog together as he counted down the days, weeks, and months until they were reunited.

On July 8: “Right now, I truly miss this person.”

Chris Evans/Twitter

One more week later, on August 25, he posted a video of the Dodgers playing at home on Twitter.