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No One Wanted To Adopt This 18-Year-Old Pit Bull Until She Stole A Biker’s Heart

After her adoptive father passed away in February, Julep, a sweet 18-year-old pit bull, was moved to The Humane Resource Alliance animal shelter in Washington, DC, since no one in her family wanted to take care of her. One of the oldest canines owned by the charity, Julep, was mentioned in an email. She had a long and fulfilling life.

The organization’s volunteers made the decision to post Julep’s story on Facebook as soon as she arrived at the shelter in an effort to assist her in finding a new home.

Members of the group published the following on Facebook:

“You only need a sofa to sleep on, someone to love, and a fresh start,” she said.

However, when he saw the article about Julep, biker Wayne Lerch, who had recently lost his 11-year-old pit bull called Jasmine, couldn’t help but grin and decided to go see her in person.

She captured his heart as he passed her while riding his motorcycle and experiencing a strong connection.

Says Wayne

“I was certain at once.”

Everyone at the shelter was shocked by the emotional interaction between Wayne Lerch and Julep before he made the decision to go with his new life partner.

They declared:

“Since there are so many happy endings, we try not to get too worked up. But his advanced age and Wayne’s apparent love for his new “little old lady” brought us to tears.”

Now that Julep is a fantastic support for both Wayne and her, they are both quite content. Even the name Julep changed to “Tootie.”

Even though he knows Tootie won’t be on his side for very long, the guy is eager to take pleasure in her delightful company regardless of how much time they have left together.