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Man Buys A School Bus So He Can Save Animals At A Hurricane Shelter

Tony Alsup of Tennessee was preparing alternate arrangements as South Carolinians prepared to leave in anticipation of Hurricane Florence. In order to preserve animals who would have otherwise been left behind, the guy had earlier purchased an old school bus for just this use.

Prior to Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Tony, a volunteer with EARS Emergency Animal Rescue and Shelter, had utilized the school bus to transport animals out of Texas. Tony believed he could assist when he noticed on the news how many shelters had become overcrowded with saved or lost animals. Although he realized he couldn’t fit the animals in a truck, he still wanted to assist in getting the animals to vacant shelters.

Tony has since assisted with storm rescues. And when he saw that shelters in South Carolina also required assistance, he intervened once more.

According to Tony, The Washington Post:

These also have lives. Animals, especially dogs from shelters, are always forced to sit in the rear of the bus. But I’ll give you a bus of your own. To get these dogs out of there, I’ll pay for all the petrol or even a boat if I have the money.

Tony visited a number of shelters ahead of the hurricane and loaded the school bus with animals in need.

He visited South Carolina’s Saint Frances Animal Center in Georgetown, the Dillon County Animal Shelter, the Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach, and another shelter in Orangeburg all in less than 48 hours. She ended up saving 11 cats and 53 dogs in all.

The animals were subsequently transferred by Tony to a shelter in Foley, Alabama. Some individuals even went as far as to adopt some of the dogs and cats there, while Tony arranged for volunteers or other animal shelters to meet him in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he would surrender an additional 40 animals.