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Runner Stops To Rescue Homeless Puppy During Marathon

Khemjira Klongsanun of Bangkok, Thailand, enjoys competing in marathons, but he understands that other things are more important than breaking a record time.

Khemjira was running in a local marathon when she noticed something. She came upon a lonely dog around 7 miles into the 26-mile run.

Instead of continuing on her route and abandoning the small puppy to face the world alone, the woman chose to temporarily halt the race. She came to a halt and grabbed the defenseless little puppy in her arms.

Polsin Sinsamoe

But she went on to do much more. Khemjira ran with the cub for the following 19 kilometres.

The tiny kid was now protected and secure.

Polsin Sinsamoe

Although Khemjira had the option of handing the puppy over to a spectator or race official, she did not.

Here’s a video of her and the fortunate rescued puppy:

Khemjira held the young kid in her arms until the end. They even crossed the finish line at the same time.

Polsin Sinsamoe

Khemjira brought the puppy called Nong Chom home after the race to make him a member of his family.

Polsin Sinsamoe

She also took him to the doctor for a checkup; he was so infected with fleas and ticks that a huge portion of his fur had to be removed.

Polsin Sinsamoe