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Cat Refuses To Leave The Side Of His Grandpa Who’s Fighting Cancer

We all need a regular supply of heartwarming stories to balance out all the negativity in the world and cheer us up. And while that doesn’t necessarily mean that these kinds of stories always involve animals, this surely does. Animals make this world a better place and sometimes all we need is a support cat.

Cats are not widely considered very affectionate or caring and there are no therapy cats to prove my point, but as I am writing this emotional story with my cat sleeping on the table with paws wrapped around my hand, I realize that cats are very intuitive and are always there when you need them.

After her best friend, who also happens to be her father, was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer, Kelly Nugent decided she needed to be there for him and help him go through treatment, so she packed her stuff and her two Scottish Fold cats and moved from Miami to New York. She thought she was going to care for her dad, but one of her cats with the adorable name Sweet Potato, or simply Tato, took over and hasn’t left his grandpa’s side ever since.