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Dog With A Broken Heart Does Not Stop Hugging The Pillow Of His Brother Who Passed Away

For ten long and wonderful years, Spencer and Rocky were best friends. They cherished always being near to one another. Unfortunately, an unforeseen event meant that Spencer would lose his beloved sibling.

The dog’s owner, Beth Fisher, stated to The Dodo:

“They had never been separated for the night. Rocky and Spencer always walked together when they went out, shared a bed, and ate their meals together.”

Beth Fisher

Recently, our enjoyable time together came to an end.

Rocky became gravely unwell, and when he was taken to the vet to be examined for the illness the dog had contracted, the doctor discovered that Rocky had a large malignant tumor developing inside of him.

There was only one way to end the poor dog’s misery after the awful discovery, which came too late for medical intervention.

Beth Fisher

Rocky had to be put to sleep on that day.

Becca said:

Rocky’s unexpected passing was difficult to comprehend, but we have no idea how difficult it must be for Spencer to have lost her little brother.

Beth Fisher

Spencer was visibly upset and it was obvious.

According to Beth, the dog has been up at night searching the house for Rocky ever since her brother went away and wailing when she can’t locate him.

Beth Fisher

But this gift from the family to the heartbroken dog put him at ease.

Beth Fisher