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Dog Is Thrown Into The Sewer With His Eyes Glued Shut So He Couldn’t Follow His Owner Home

An abandoned puppy with its eyes totally covered was discovered in a sewer in the city of Barrancabermeja, Colombia. In order to stop the dog from pursuing him, it appears that the callous person who abandoned him coated his eyes and fur with glue.

Fortunately, a kind-hearted local man named Carlos was able to save the little animal, wrap him in blankets, and take him right away to a vet facility.

The animal’s eyes were verified to be totally filled with glue after being examined by the veterinarian, which prohibited him from seeing.

Facebook/Zoraida Elizabeth Santiago Ospino

Because the dog was so anxious to open his eyes, he attempted to scrape the glue off with his paws, which led to an eye infection.

Facebook/Zoraida Elizabeth Santiago Ospino

According to animal activist Zoraida Santiago, it took veterinarians three days to completely remove the adhesive because it was in such a delicate place and required great attention.

A video depicts the unfortunate dog being washed to remove the adhesive from his body while licking his paws to become entirely clean.

Facebook/Zoraida Elizabeth Santiago Ospino