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Dog Who Was Missing For Months Cries When His Dad Finally Finds Him

Rustico Samson Jr. and his family endured a nightmare for three months.

Coco, their beloved dog, had vanished from their Philippines home. Coco was nowhere to be found despite their constant searches.


“I sobbed.” Samson told The Dodo, “There was so much anguish, so much suffering.” “Coco isn’t just a pet. He is a member of my family.”

Samson, on the other hand, never stopped looking as the months passed.


Samson combed the city for any trace of Coco every day he was missing.

“I looked around every corner,” he explained. “During my hunt, I even sobbed.”

Samson solicited the aid of friends and strangers, giving them a description of Coco and urging them to keep an eye out for her. And, as it turned out, perseverance paid off.

Three months after Coco vanished, a stray dog matching his description was discovered in a parking garage, prompting Samson to rush there.

“I knew it was him right then, when I saw a dog laying on the floor of that parking garage,” Samson added. “I was 100 percent certain it was Coco.”

What occurred next was unmistakable:

“I was completely taken aback. I was overjoyed, “Samson remarked. “Coco, I believe, felt the same way at the time. He was sobbing like a baby, and you could hear him.”

Their hearts were mended all of a sudden.


Coco’s months of wandering the streets as a stray had taken their toll. He was frail and filthy, but otherwise in good condition. Fortunately, it was nothing that his family’s love couldn’t fix.

Everything changed when Coco returned home.

“The house is filled with pleasant auras once more,” Samson observed. “The good feelings have returned.”