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A Sweet And Nervous Puppy Left In The Park With A Note Is Rescued And Can Now Trust People Again

Just a few days ago, social media users shared the story of a dog that had been abandoned and was being tied to a seat in a park in Mexico City. The dog was sitting there with a message explaining his purpose.

The letter, which appeared to have been written by a youngster, stated that he had made the decision to abandon him because of his family’s treatment of him, which he could no longer tolerate. After receiving a notification about the situation with this dog, Marcela Goldberg, a member of the animal rescue group Pets Coyoacán, traveled with her companion Azul Galindo.

A large group of his neighbors had already assembled after bringing him food and drink because they had abandoned him tied to the bench without anything.

Twitter/ Pets Coyoacán

The stone-supported frightened dog had a message next to it that read:

“Please, I beg of you, adopt and care for this dog… So if you read this and feel tempted, please adopt that temptation and look after it. If not, kindly leave the note there so that others may read and adopt it.

Twitter/ Pets Coyoacán

The scared pup snarled and observed the people with its tail between its legs.

Marcela narrates:

“I put on protective gloves to make it easier to approach, but it was still challenging. In order to get the loop [over his head] and break the other chain, we got in touch with a trainer with expertise working with violent dogs. The trainer viewed the scenario through video call and provided me advice.

The 7-month-old puppy was slightly more responsive to the woman after being petted and having the chain removed; he was still terrified but no longer growled, and by the time they arrived at the foster home, he was at ease.

The dog, now known as Boston, is developing his lovely and lively nature and has gradually come to trust people.

Twitter/ Pets Coyoacán

Fortunately, many of individuals who discovered about Boston through social media were enthralled by its tale, and many of them have submitted adoption applications. Now the animal shelter must pick the best family for the dog from a large pool of applicants.

Twitter/ Pets Coyoacán