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This Lovely Cocker Spaniel Has An Incredible Disney Princess Look That Has Everyone On The Internet Falling In Love

Mabel is a sweet one-year-old chocolate-colored cocker spaniel that resides in Warwickshire, England, with her mother. The lovely dog has hundreds of Internet users smitten owing to the Disney princess-like aspect that her amazing eyelashes give her; it’s important to note that they are entirely natural and add to her beauty.

Without a doubt, we all find the Disney princess style, which imitates those lovely naive expressions, to be endearing. It reflects a highly alluring sense of kindness, which has even come to dominate our animal friends and makes them look twice as cute.

Instagram/ winnie_thecocker

Cocker Spaniels are often incredibly charming, and their lovely appearance and gorgeous eyelashes are two of their best qualities. Because of her ethnicity, Mabel possesses a sweet collection of characteristics that make her appear just like an animated figure from real life.

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Mabel’s mother Caitlin Baker made the decision to share the beauty of her furry friend on social media. She posted a video on her TikTok account that quickly received over 2 million reactions, and everyone was enthralled by the video. presentation of the sweet chocolate girl.

Mabel’s mother is quite proud of her little star because of the hundreds of people who have fallen in love with her gorgeous eyelashes.

Instagram/ winnie_thecocker

It never ceases to be amazing when these characteristics manifest in real life, as in the case of Mabel and her magnificent gaze that unquestionably steals more than a sigh. Although the stereotypes of Disney princess-like beauty are far from being a close representation of reality, reproducing the appearance of wide eyes and innocent gazes with perfect eyelashes;

Instagram/ winnie_thecocker

Similar to Mabel, there is another adorable Cocker Spaniel with a sizable online following. This is Winnie, a little child who has been online for a little over a year and captured many people’s hearts with her big, expressive eyes in a lovely video.

Here is the sweet movie of Winnie’s early years:

Due to her adorable appearance and her endearing gaze, which seems to have just left a Disney princess story, Winnie has amassed a sizable following that currently stands at over 330,000 on her Instagram account and 187,000 on TikTok since she was a young child. This places her as one of the stars of the Internet.

Instagram/ winnie_thecocker