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Kitten Orphaned Since He Was Born Now Wouldn’t Let Go Of His 2 New Mamas

Eli the kitten was only 1 day old when he was found in a pile of his deceased siblings. The poor orphan’s mother was nowhere to be seen. Eli was taken to a foster home in Seattle, Washington by Cindy of the foster in the hopes that Madeline, the cat who just had her litter, would accept Eli into her family.

Even though Eli doesn’t know how to nurse and has to be bottle fed, he was given a warm welcome from Madeline. “He seems to love having a family,” Cindy told LoveMeow. “I keep thinking of how Madeline’s first litter of kittens didn’t survive (before she came to me)… and how Eli was the only survivor of his litter,” she added.

“What a sweet mom Madeline has been to Eli. Madeline and I have a good routine with little Eli: I bottle feed him, then she cleans him up and potties him.” Eli had a rough start at life but now he couldn’t be happier! He has two loving mommas and is growing strong.