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This Adorable English Bulldog Becomes Best Friends With The New Baby In The Family And Enjoys Spending Time With Him

Ewa Barska resides in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England, with her family. Her lovely 5-year-old bulldog named Eddy and her 8-month-old baby Adam have recently gained a lot of attention on social media because to their bond.

According to the mother, Eddy loves to give the infant moist and soft kisses whenever he gets the chance, and even the dog and his human brother enjoy taking extended naps together.

Ewa was certain that her loving dog would get along quite well with the new baby despite having a 4-year-old daughter named Anja as well. She has an excellent relationship with her oldest daughter as well.

Instagram/ ewa.barska

Ewa said to Metro UK:

When Adam is tired, Eddy will put his head on the infant and give him plenty of kisses. Eddy also comes over and settles down close to Adam while he sleeps on his crib. He’s really cute.

When his parents arrived home with tiny Adam, Eddy was pretty interested. Ewa recalls that since Eddy was a wonderful big brother to her first daughter, they never worried about him being around the infant.

Instagram/ ewa.barska

Says Ewa

“Anja enjoys engaging in fetch games in the garden with Eddy. She also enjoys sharing cuddles.

Added by Eva

“Adam likes to check on Eddy’s paws, and occasionally he even puts his hand in Eddy’s mouth or attempts to playfully bite Eddy’s ear. Thankfully, Eddy is completely unconcerned with what his best buddy does. He is such a content and at ease dog. He is completely incapable of becoming hostile.

Eddy is a wonderful guy, and the family considers themselves fortunate to have him. He is very kind and devoted to everyone in the house, and he adores both his parents and the kids.

Instagram/ ewa.barska