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Sweet Seal Insists On Making Friends With All The Humans Who Visit The Beach

Seals are extremely sociable and amiable creatures that have no trouble establishing friends with people. Making friends with those around her brings her the most happiness because she is a very gregarious seal.

Sammy, a cute seal that wishes to surprise and charm everyone with his appearance, is presented to you.

Sammy is presently content with his life in Dorset, a county in the South West of England, in Weymouth Beach.

During the quarantine, this lovely seal began frequenting the beach. It appears that he has discovered the ideal location to fish, enjoy the sand, and soak up the sun.

His days of isolation are now gone, though, as people can now visit the beach without being inconvenienced by Covid-19 and discover a happy seal that is eager to make friends with everyone there instead of being annoyed by their presence.

Will Badman was one of many who made the decision to go to Weymouth Beach with the hope of seeing Sammy since this adorable seal has become so well-known that many people have gone solely to view it.

It’s certainly worth getting up at 4 a.m. to go outside in the early morning and attempt to see Sammy, said Will. “It’s fantastic for creeping up on people and startling them, it’s a pretty edgy little creature.”

The camera enthusiast uploaded several pictures of the joyful woman mingling with the visitors to his Facebook page.

He also adores the cameras, which is why you can frequently see him posing and grinning. Regarding this, Will said:

Sammy frequently appears on individuals and tries to climb onto their surfboards, kayaks, or backs when they are swimming. When he visits the beach to relax, he appears to like the cameras.

Sammy was aware that she was being shot and loved the entire session, despite the fact that this lovely seal is quite gregarious; Will chose to use his long lens so as not to disturb her. The end product of the session was incredibly humorous and charming. At times, she played hide and seek. Other times, she struck funny positions.