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This Rescue Kitten Has Big Eyes And Looks Like A Little Alien

Meet this cute little cat named Jinx! Kitten was abandoned in a field and she was looking for help. Mia Ibanez found her in the middle of the night and took the cat at her home.

“I had come home early from a football game at my friend’s high school and was talking to my mom when we heard meowing,” Mia Ibanez, Jinx’s family member, told The Dodo.

“We had a giant field behind our house, so my mom and I went out into the backyard and shined a flashlight. All we could see was a tiny black thing in the field, so we climbed the fence and found Jinx.”

When Mia came home, saw that Jinx had big eyes. At first, she wasn’t sure if Jinx was a kitten.

Later, kitten was sent to the vet. Now she is super healthy.

Jinx’s eyes are still big and her mouth and nose are a little different too. But she is such a unique cat and everyone in Mia’s family loves her.