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His Rabbit Gives Birth To A Baby Without Ears And Becomes A Celebrity

The little tiny creatures are lovely, and their plump and tidy forms evoke a lot of sympathy. He was a cute little rabbit from Northern Ireland who fell in love with his human because of a unique quality that set him apart from the rest.

Kylie Clarke

With her four children, Kylie Clarke, a 31-year-old mother, resides in Belfast. She loves animals, and for more than a year she worked as a professional rabbit breeder. Among the things she enjoyed most was seeing the birth of the adorable fuzzy babies.

Because of this, when their rabbit became pregnant, the family excitedly anticipated the day to view the puppies. After waiting for a month, the moment eventually came. When everyone saw the beauty of life, the fragile kits started to emerge one by one until there were eight of them.

Kylie Clarke

It was the first time a situation like this had occurred, and one of the little creatures stood out from the rest, so Kylie knew right once that something was wrong. She gradually came to understand that because she was missing her little ears, she appeared to be a baby lion.

“I have four kids, two boys and two girls, and they just find it amusing. They consider it to be a miracle since it stands out more than the other bunnies, the woman added.

Kylie Clarke

At the time of giving him a name he did not have to think too much, and for obvious reasons he called him Leo. And although at first she had thought of giving away the eight babies, with Leo she couldn’t . He was a sea of ​​sympathy, she and the four children loved him very much.

“It’s just beautiful. We call her Leo because she looks like a little mini lion,” Kylie said.

Kylie Clarke

He didn’t have to think too hard while choosing a name for him, so he chose Leo for obvious reasons. Additionally, even though initially she had considered donating the eight infants, she was unable to do so with Leo. She and the four kids adored him, and he was a sea of sympathy.

“It’s simply stunning. We refer to her as Leo since she resembles a miniature lion, “explained Kylie.

Kylie Clarke