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The Fire Could Not End The Life Of This Mare Who Is Struggling To Heal Her Terrible Burns

Animals are frequently the most impacted by natural calamities. Despite their natural desire to get away from danger, not all of them are successful in doing so and end up ensnared in the worst calamities.

Marrissa Dorough,

Marrissa Dorough, a 28-year-old nurse, has experienced this with practically all of her horses, and she is currently battling to rescue the lone horse that is still alive following one of the catastrophic fires that ravaged California in August.

Marrissa Dorough,

Due to the ferocious fires that invaded this part of the United States last month, thousands of hectares of land were destroyed.

The so-called LNU Lightning Complex (north of San Francisco), where Marrissa’s horses perished, was one of the greatest outbreaks.

Marrissa Dorough,

When the nurse learned that the area was under attack by flames while she was traveling down the road, she decided to take a different route in an effort to save her animals.

The fire threatened to completely consume the location when he arrived, but this was already too late for her to battle to get him out of there.

Marrissa Dorough,

The horses were at Rob Ludden’s property, where he also captured the amazing moment as the flames swept across the hills.

“Fire appeared to be dropping from the sky all around us, and not just because of the fire tornado, but also because it had set the nearby hills on fire and spread quickly. A circle of flames around him, said Rob.

Marrissa Dorough,

Unfortunately, only one of Marrissa’s six horses was saved; the others perished before they could flee the flames.

Ava is the young child who was saved; while surviving, she had severe burns to her body, from which she is still battling to heal.

Marrissa Dorough,

Ava was rescued on August 19 and sent in severe condition to the emergency room of the UC Davis Veterinary Hospital.

“Due to the fires at the LNU Lightning complex, we have received our first patients at the UC Davis veterinary hospital. From the Quail Canyon region, an 11-year-old draft horse named Ava was brought in. Six horses belonged to a young woman who is also an RN and lost everything, including her home, vehicle, and trailer. She was the only one to survive.