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Man Saves Little Coyote From Drowning And Takes Him On A Raft Ride For 10 Days

Outdoor vacations, without a doubt, provide numerous adventures and surprises, such as the one a guy experienced when he saw a little coyote.

Justin is an extreme sports enthusiast who frequently participates in multi-day rafting adventures on Canada’s Red Deer and Saskatchewan rivers. The man heard noises that sounded like a dog fight while on one of these journeys, but following further examination, he discovered nothing.

The adventurer went on his own, but while fishing, he heard some cries again, which he thought was weird.


Justin sought for the source of the shriek and moved in closer to see what it was, but all he saw was a snout protruding out of the water. The man was going to capture something other than a fish without even realizing it, but he couldn’t see what it was since the water was dark.

Justin came near enough to get a better look, but as he leaned down, he slipped into the river’s freezing waters. He swam up to the first critter he saw and asked what it was; it turned out to be a coyote pup.


The man was able to climb out of the water and rescue the small animal, as well as reach the land. The puppy looked to be comatose, and he didn’t appear to be breathing. Justin, fortunately, had previous expertise with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) ( CPR ).

By pressing on his belly, he was able to conduct a modified Heimlich procedure, and after many repetitions, water poured out of the coyote’s snout, and he was able to breathe again.


Justin and his newly rescued companion were drenched, so the man started a fire to dry them out and keep them warm.

He still had plenty of time for further experiences because he had bought for an unlimited rafting package for the following 10 days, so he decided to take the coyote as a friend and care for him the entire time. With his savior, the dog would go on a trip full of adventures.


He was given the name Yip Yip by Justin, and as he was under his protection, they ate, slept, and cuddled together until the voyage was completed.

When the father arrived to a primary care center, he was able to call his wife for help with the child. He then called many groups in Ontario and Manitoba before contacting the Swift Current SPCA, which provided him with a better alternative.


They called the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan, who took care of the young male and shared the tale on Facebook.

Yip Yip’s transport to his new home was managed by a Swift Current volunteer, and he will be cared for until he can be released back into the wild.