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As Her Puppies Were Rescued, The Dog Waited Patiently, Coming Out Of The Bushes To Make Sure They Were Okay

For a long time, Summer had been without a house and had been residing on the streets of Los Angeles. Community people fed her, and one day they discovered she was expecting. As soon as the woman gave birth, the neighbors asked for assistance so that the adorable family wouldn’t have to struggle for survival on the streets until her rescuers came.

She lived on the streets for a while; the neighbors fed her and enjoyed having her around because she was so nice, but when she gave birth in the bushes, they knew they had to act responsibly and get in touch with us so the mother and babies could be together in one location where they could be safe and healthy.

The search for the mother and her pups was started as soon as the rescue team received a call about them. Hours before, Summer had given birth, and now she and the puppies were hiding in the bushes and silently watching over them.

The adorable dog cheerfully greeted her rescuers upon their arrival and appeared to understand that they were there to support her and her new family.

ART And Paws Animal Rescue

Says Eldad

She was quite polite to us when we directly addressed her. Given how protective moms are about their offspring, it was extremely unexpected that she permitted us to take up the puppies immediately away.

ART And Paws Animal Rescue

Summer continued coming out of the bushes to make sure her babies were safe as the rescuers started to remove the puppies one by one from the bushes.

ART And Paws Animal Rescue

Summer was highly trusting of her rescuers despite the fact that she had just recently met them, which suggested that she had been cared for by the appropriate people throughout her time surviving on the streets. The adorable little dog saw six of her young being saved because she realized they were there for the right reasons.

ART And Paws Animal Rescue

Summer emerged from the bushes once every pup had done so, and she was overjoyed to be back with her family, cuddled up on a soft blanket, getting ready to go for her new life.

ART And Paws Animal Rescue