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Rescued Hairless Dog Is So White And Fluffy Now

A hairless dog roamed the streets of Houston, Texas for several months (United States). The animal roamed the road looking for water and food, and one night it came across a woman in a parking lot and approached her for assistance; she gave him food and a necklace.

Gardenia was the unfortunate animal’s name, and her savior chose to share her tale on Facebook in the hopes of finding her a foster home. That is how Caitie Evers learned about her situation and decided to assist the puppy.


Gardenia must have suffered a lot from people because of her appearance, Caitie realized, but on the inside she was a wonderful, sweet, fearful little dog who wanted to be loved.


Gardenia was diagnosed with demodectic mange, a skin illness caused by Demodex canis, a mite prevalent in the hair follicles of dogs and cats that is not infectious and can be readily treated with medicine, after the lady picked up the hairless dog to take her home with her.


Caitie recalls:

“She had a lot of scabies all over her and secondary scabies infections since she’d been sick for a long time.” It was terrible; his entire back was raw «.

Gardenia appeared uneasy and itchy while the scabies was treated and she healed; this made her more reserved. But, with the medicinal baths and medicines, she gradually began to blossom again, and her fur began to regrow.

Caitie explained:

“At first, she was really bashful. She simply showed there and hung out; she didn’t play or cuddle. The poor girl seems depressed. She appeared to despise life and had given up Completely.


Gardenia’s personality returned as soon as she healed. The dog seemed to be enjoying herself and was playing; she liked leaping and was interested by the household dog.

The woman continued,

“It’s hard to tell if there’s a change for the first two weeks, and then it’s like, ‘Bam! new dog.’ And now she’s all fluffy and lovely ».


Caitie started looking for Gardenia’s forever home when the time came. Bri Tripaldi, her friend, was eager to meet her; she and her fiancé were familiar with the dog’s tale and wanted to provide her a home with them.


Bri’s ecstatic account:

“I saw her emerge from her shell and blossom into the nicest puppy.” We had to meet her and fell in love right away. ‘She’s the one,’ I told Jayden on the drive home after meeting her for the first time. And she was absolutely correct!