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Woman Rescues Kangaroo Joey From Deceased Mother’s Pouch

Two Australian women came to the rescue of a baby kangaroo after spotting his dead mother on the side of the road.

Lauren Wagner and Sarah Wragge were out driving when they saw a kangaroo lying on the side of the road. They went over to investigate and realized there was a joey inside the pouch.

With a car coming, Lauren dragged the body off to the side of the road and when she looked inside the animal’s pouch she saw the joey. “There’s a joey in here,” she proclaims.

The two got a towel and managed to pull the joey out and swaddled him up before heading back to their car.

“It was quite obviously kicking in the tummy, and I got out and had a look and saw two little feet sticking out of its pouch,” Lauren later told The Advertiser.

The pair took the joey – now named Jannick – to wildlife expert Sibylle Kaufmann.

“It’s always a little bit tricky the first couple of days, [but] he’s going to have some friends soon – he needs to learn to be a kangaroo,” Kaufmann said. He will be introduced to other kangaroos so that he can learn the survival skills he needs.