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No One Wanted This Sweet Shelter Dog Just Because Of His Crooked Face

Mosley has a unique appearance, which his rescuers believe makes him even more appealing.

Because there were so many other pets available at the rural Georgia shelter when the little pup initially came up last month, he was missed for several months. The shelter was full and bustling, and no one seemed to notice him.


That is, until Amanda Harris, the Atlanta Humane Society’s marketing programs manager, saw his portrait online and realized right away that the dog was unique. She went to the rural shelter to take him up shortly after.

“His crooked grin caught our hearts,” Harris said of Mosley, “and we knew it would help him rapidly capture the ideal forever home.”


He was certainly adorable, and social media users agreed. While no one knows for sure how Mosley’s smile grew crooked, Harris believes it was most likely inherited.

“We took some pictures and videos of him, and he rapidly became quite famous on social media, with dozens of families expressing interest in adopting him,” Harris said.


Lindsey Ramsey and her family were among those interested in adopting Mosley, and the shelter believed they’d be a good fit for him.

Mosley was adopted by the Ramseys last Friday, and he’s been overjoyed ever since.

“All he wants is to be patted on and loved, and he follows us around the house wherever we go,” Ramsey told The Dodo. “When we’re outside, we can always depend on an episode of the zoomies from him.”


He’s even warming up to the prospect of having a feline sibling.

“He’s learning how to coexist with a cat,” Ramsey explained. “Right now, he and our cat Barbara are simply yelling at each other, but I’m convinced they’ll become friends soon.”

While no one knows where Mosley came from, it’s evident that he’s decided where he’ll stay: in his new home, surrounded by his new family.