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Dogs Get Special Peepholes So They Can Watch For Mom To Come Home

Erin Joyce never imagined that three small breaches in a fence would make a difference to her dogs, but spying on their mother is a full-time job for Billie and Seymour.

Billie, an Australian kelpie-dingo mix, spotted a hole in the wood fence dividing the driveway from the yard and got infatuated with it. Dean, Joyce’s partner, saw the small dog’s routine and offered to assist her.


“Every time I went to or from my car, Billie would push her nose out of a little hole in the fence to smell at me,” Joyce explained. “So Dean made it so she could see me coming and going.” We weren’t expecting both dogs to enjoy it as much as they did!”

Billie’s younger brother, Seymour, enjoys playing peekaboo with his parents. “He’s six months old now, and he’s the life of the party,” Joyce explained. “He simply wants to be a part of everything!” says the narrator.

Billie and Seymour appreciate having a particular spot in their yard where they can keep an eye on the neighbors. When Joyce gets home from work, she likes being greeted by a hairy tiny snout.

The gaps in the fence grew a little wider when Joyce’s next-door neighbors adopted an Airedale terrier puppy called Wynston.

Seymour and Wynston became fast friends, so Joyce and Dean built a gate in the fence so the pups could have playdates across yards — but the dogs don’t like it when the gate is shut.


“As soon as we get home from work, we open the gate for them to enjoy a huge play in the afternoon,” she says “Joyce remarked. “It’s excellent for their socialization because we’re still on lockdown, and they can’t go out and meet other dogs like they would in a park at this age. Billie acts as their surrogate mother, watching them play. She will intercede and give them a time-out if they become too harsh.”