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Cyclist Finds Abandoned Puppies And Takes Them To Safety In His Jersey

Thyago Costa Silva, a Brazilian cyclist, was exercising with a friend when he noticed something interesting on the side of the road. As he neared the location, he discovered five puppies trapped in a deep pit, striving to escape in order to survive.

According to Thyago, who spoke to The Dodo,

“They were in a very distant location, a long way away.” Someone dug a hole for them and abandoned them there to die. They were frail and unable to flee.”

The rider and his partner decided they had to do something to aid and save the puppies without hesitation.


Thyago and his companion then gently lifted each of the puppies from the burrow, offering them water from their bottles. They were obviously thirsty and hungry, but all they wanted was to get out of this position alive.


Hope was restored to the puppies thanks to the biker and his partner rider, and they were given a second shot at life.

Because the pups had no other means of transportation, Thyago stuffed them under his bicycle jersey and set off on the long trek home.


Thyago and the cubs arrived home after a 12-mile journey, safe and sound.

Thyago went on to say:

“I brought them home and cared for them, and it was quite emotional.”

When the guy returned home, he continued to assist the puppies in regaining their strength and recovering from their experience.


The man, dissatisfied with his excellent assistance to the pups, decided to do something different for them and began seeking for a home for them. As a result, Thyago publicized information about the pups on social media, and each of them received exactly what they desired in a short period of time.


Thyago remarked:

“Thank God, they were all adopted by decent individuals who adore animals.”

Fortunately, what began as an abandoned situation on a secluded bike route ended in the greatest possible way for all those involved.