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Loyal Dog Waited For His Sick Owner At The Hospital, Their Reunion Was So Emotional

A homeless man named Adolfo suddenly felt very bad. He was sent immediately to the hospital. Adolfo was ill with pneumonia.

He has a loyal dog- Moisés!

Dog has been waiting for his owner while man was receiving medications and his treatments.

Animal lover Sammy Quiceno got fascinated by dog’s loyalty. Quiceno was very surprised though!

“He was waiting for his owner, in the emergency room, for more than 2 days without moving from there on cold nights,” Quiceno wrote.“The dog was with a bag containing the man’s clothes and he wouldn’t let go. It’s amazing what these animals do for us.”

Staff learnt about Moisés situation. So they opened the door for this adorable dog.

Finally, man and his loyal dog were reunited. Such an heartwarming moment!

So emotional!

“Today, Adolfo could see his furry friend from whom he had not been separated for 5 years,” Quiceno wrote. “This fills me with happiness!!! The love between them is unique.”

Now Adolfo is feeling well and they are ready to leave the hospital.