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‘Weird-Looking’ Husky Just Wants Someone To Love Her For Who She Is

Meet Jubilee, a sweet-faced husky with a heart as large as her personality.

Unfortunately, not everyone she’s met thinks the same way.


Jubilee was relinquished to Husky House, a New Jersey-based rescue organization committed to rescuing dogs like her, around two years ago.

Her previous owner, a dog breeder, had sent her to the shelter because he couldn’t sell her since she was “weird-looking.”

Jubilee’s new pals, of course, disagreed.


“We think she’s really stunning!” a Husky House spokesman told The Dodo.

Despite this, Jubilee has had difficulty finding adopters who will accept her for who she is, maybe owing to her unusual looks.


Because she’s been through so much rejection in the past, Jubilee is apprehensive of people who could label her “odd” just because of her appearance.

“She’s shy at first, but after you give her a treat, she becomes your greatest buddy!” Husky House expressed his opinion. “Once she warms up, she’s a very nice dog that likes people.”


Jubilee’s fate, however, may soon change for the better, owing to her rescuers’ unwavering determination to finding her a permanent home.