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Puppy Senses That His Owner Will Leave Him In The Shelter And Begs Him Not To Abandon Him

Unfortunately, it is still an issue that some dog owners adopt rashly and subsequently abandon or surrender their pets to shelters.

They do so when they recognize that getting a puppy is a long-term commitment that takes devotion, patience, and, of course, rearranging their schedule to accommodate the new family member.

Some individuals get carried away by passion and adopt a furry, oblivious to the fact that it is a living being in need of instruction, and devote a significant amount of time to it. They are unaware that everyone has a varied temperament and expends energy in various ways.

CREDIT: Animal Control in Carso

When reality falls short of some new adopters’ expectations, the pups are harmed, as they naively do not comprehend why they are suddenly removed from their homes and forced to spend their days in a kennel.

This is what happened to Toto, a dog that made headlines by pleading with his owner not to abandon him.

CREDIT: Animal Control in Carso

Toto is a three-year-old white dog with a few brown patches on his head. He’s physically well, or was before his heart was crushed due to his owner’s abandonment.

The puppy’s demeanor was befuddled and imploring, as if he didn’t comprehend why they would abandon him at the shelter when he appeared to be overflowing with affection at first look.

CREDIT: Animal Control in Carso

His former owner opted to surrender him to Animal Control in Carso, California, and while there is no reason why anybody would abandon a dog, this man’s reasoning is not sound. He justified it by claiming that Toto is too loud.

He was holding a bag of dog food when he approached animal control to surrender his pet. The emotional incident was filmed by someone; the pups did not talk, but Toto’s message was clear:

“Please don’t leave me alone.”

CREDIT: Animal Control in Carso

The dog stood on two legs on his owner’s knee, begging for attention with pitiful eyes, but his pleadings were disregarded.

His former owner was dead set on abandoning him at the shelter. When they heard about Toto, they didn’t hesitate to lend him all of their support: Saving Carson Shelter Dog is a group that saves the lives of animals meant for sacrifice, and when they heard about him, they didn’t hesitate to lend him all of their support:

“It was tough to see Toto because he seemed to know precisely what was going on; even after the camera was switched off, he continued to attempt to climb on his father’s knee, imploring him not go.”

Toto’s tale had such an impact on the shelter workers that they were desperate to find him a new home, this time with someone who would tolerate his barking and endearing style of conquering new surroundings. They stated on social media that the dog was up for adoption and only wanted to be loved.

“My previous family, who had kept me for nearly a year, had to let me go because I was too noisy. They claimed, however, that I spent the most of my time at home. I appear to be nice with small children “the refugee wrote

CREDIT: Animal Control in Carso