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This Black Cat Is Stealing Everyone’s Hearts In Internet With His Mesmerizing Eyes

Meet MeonJi, a lovely black cat that is stealing everyone’s hearts in Internet. He is a Scottish fold cat and has the most mesmerizing eyes ever.

Just look at his beautiful and lovely face.

He is named MeonJi and that means ‘dust’. This cutie lives with his owner Kim Aerin.

His owner has told Bored Panda that felt in love immediately with MeonJi even though she never liked black cats.

“I really didn’t like black cats very much. But ever since meeting my cat, I’ve completely fallen in love with black cats, even despite the fact that I did buy Meon Ji. So far I am so happy with the attention we are receiving, but I want people around the world to know that all cats are cute, regardless of color!”

Now they are best friends and enjoy living together. Cat and his owner are inseparable!