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Adopted Dog Is Finally Having The Yard Of His Dreams, He Loves Chilling In The Grass And Playing Around

Bentley the bloodhound is so happy that he finally got adopted. His owner KaTarra Taylor always wanted the best for her dog. So she decided to move into a new home. Dog is so happy as well.

“I bought a townhouse in 2018 because no one would rent to me with a dog Bentley’s size,” she told Bored Panda, adding that the doggo was happy to move into their new home. “He loves wherever we are because I’m there as well.”

Now they are living with KaTarra’s boyfriend and Bentley is so happy about it. Also KaTarra has thought about a lovely surprise for her dog. A yard. Yes, as you read it.

Dog is so happy that finally is having the yard of his dreams. Now he loves chilling in the grass and playing around.

Bentley is so adorable and energetic, he loves his family.