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Mother Rabbit Fights Off Huge Snake To Protect Her Babies

Mothers of all species will stop at nothing to protect their babies. This fact is made crazy clear watching this video of a brave mother rabbit fighting off a massive black snake. The rabbit happened upon a huge snake trying to kill and eat her babies, causing her to immediately go on the attack. In between taking stabs at the snake she goes back to check on her babies, and then all out war ensues.

In the background you can hear on looking children rooting on the fierce mama rabbit, shouting things like “Go, Mr. Bunny! Kill that snake!” And, “Bite it! Bite it!”

Even after the snake is clearly leaving the area the rabbit won’t give up, continuing to attack and chase off the snake.

Ramakanth Peechara posted this wild footage on June 18th although the location of the attack remains unknown. According to snake expert David A. Steen the snake was a nonvenomous black rat snake.

Rabbits are prey animals and so they avoid spending too much time with their babies. Just because a group of tiny baby bunnies are left alone doesn’t mean they are abandoned. Mother rabbit is likely somewhere nearby.

The best way to know for sure is to check the babes in the morning to see if they are warm and round-bellied. If they are, mother dearest is taking good care of her young. It’s a myth that a mother rabbit will not want her babies any longer after a human touches them.