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To Save A Drowning Newborn Deer, Puppy Swims Straight In The Water

Harley, a lovely little dog that has starred in a heroic scenario after rescuing a newborn deer in difficulty, has proven once again that these wonderful animals are not only man’s greatest friend, but are eager to aid any other being in need.

Credit: Ralph Dorn

Ralph Dorn, a 62-year-old Virginia guy, claimed it all started when his lovely hairball vanished for a few minutes.

When he started out looking for it, the first place he went was to the edge of the massive lake that runs beside his property.

Credit: Ralph Dorn

While the man eventually found his pet, it was not as near as he had hoped. Harley had swum around 200 feet from the lake’s edge in an attempt to save a helpless tiny critter from drowning.

Credit: Ralph Dorn

Ralph couldn’t see the animal he was assisting from where he was standing, and it wasn’t until they got close to the beach that he realized it was a newborn deer.

Credit: Ralph Dorn

Ralph stated that he had no clue how the animal ended out in the middle of the lake; all he knows is that his puppy was attempting to save him. He emphasized the following points in this regard:

“I’m not sure how the fawn ended up there, but Harley didn’t seem to care; he simply acted.”

Credit: Ralph Dorn

Once on the beach, Ralph assisted Harley up a steep hill, and once on land, the tiny dog checked to see whether the young deer was okay, sniffing and licking it gently, as if he wanted to protect your new buddy above all else.

Ralph posted on Facebook about Harley’s valorous deed. According to a section of your post:

“I didn’t want to abandon him.” He continued to connect with him, kissing him and caring for him.”

Credit: Ralph Dorn

Fortunately, both animals were OK, and Harley went home after completing her rescue mission. Ralph and his family soon noticed as the small deer’s mother whisked him away.

Harley only wanted to keep her pal safe.

This was not the last time these two animals met; the mother returned the next day with her baby, and Harley was overjoyed to be able to see her new friend.

“Harley was sick of running from one window to the next. We could hear the deer as I opened the front door. Harley followed him over to the trees and discovered him. “The small deer began wiggling its tail from side to side, they touched noses, sniffed a little, and then Harley quietly went home to me,” Ralph observed.

Credit: Ralph Dorn

Harley is a lovely animal that enjoys assisting the most vulnerable. He has long served as a therapy dog, visiting the elderly in nursing homes and accompanying youngsters to the local library for storytime.

“We knew he had a nice heart from the start, even when he was a puppy.” That’s how it’s always been with children and animals. “He adores them all,” Ralph said.

Credit: Ralph Dorn

His work as a therapy furry has earned the hearts of those who know him and now get the chance to learn about his latest accomplishment.